International Conference on Advanced Earthquake Resistant Structures AERS 2023 aims to get a holistic view of research in the main goals of earthquake engineering.

The AERS 2023 will take place in Azerbaijan, Baku, organized by the Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction is a state university with related international collaboration, chaired by Professor Azer A. Kasimzade.It will provide a unique forum for the discussion of basic and applied research in the various fields of earthquake engineering related to the analysis and design of Advanced Earthquake Resistant Structures.

Major earthquakes and associated effects continue to stress the need to carry out more research on these topics. A better understanding of these phenomena is required to design advanced earthquake-resistant structures and to carry out risk assessment and vulnerability studies. The problem of protecting the built environment in earthquake-prone regions involves not only the optimal design and construction of new facilities but also the urban transformation, the upgrading and rehabilitation of existing structures, including heritage buildings. In fact, the seismic vulnerability degree of structures is still too high and should be reduced. From the three design issues which are the main goals of earthquake engineering (protect human life, building properties and provide continued usage of building), we can protect only human life against big earthquakes but they can’t be safe in collapsed buildings and have to move to other locations. So, it is time to use advanced new structural systems in order to emphasize all three design issues against future big earthquakes.
In AERS 2023 we shall try to find a possible way to soft-landing with a fresh approach.

Behalf of Steering and Science committee
Congress Chair: Azer A. Kasimzade
Professor of Structural Engineering D.Sc.